A Russian scientist working on the coronavirus vaccine has been killed

Moscow, Russia.

Russian authorities are investigating the mysterious death of the famous scientist Alexander Kagansky, whose body was discovered on the street on Sunday by one of his neighbors in St.Petersburg, reported local media.

Kagansky, an eminentand biologist He was 45 years old stabbed and then thrown into the void from an apartment located in floor 14 of a residential building in that Russian city.

Committee of Inquiry of Russia tothere was a crime investigation about his death Dr. Kaganksy, We were working on one coronavirus vaccine.

An acquaintance of Kaganksy, was arrested as. suspected of murder.

Kagansky was director of the Center for Genomic and Regenerative Medicine at the Federal University of the Far East in Russia in Vladivostok, and “had developed a vaccine cagainst coronavirus“Before he died” in strange circumstances. ‘

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The scientist, who had a doctorate in Molecular biology of the National Institutes of Health from US, was a world-renowned specialist in the field Genet and cancer research.

His research has been published in major scientific journals around the world and stood out for his work in synthetic epigenetics, a new branch of biomedical science.