5 tips to add motivation

“Today is Friday, I relax on the weekend and on Monday I start the diet.”

Who has not made this promise internally repeatedly? And who hasn’t systematically raped her several times? The vast majority will certainly raise their hands to both questions.

“When you initiate a change of habits, it is very common that after a few weeks, your mind and all your actions try to sabotage your goals, but it is something completely normalRecognition is the first step to overcome it “, says the graduate in sports nutrition Emmanuel Cestaro (MN 4353).

There are people who have knowledge about how to eat and train properly, but who are demotivated by some emotional ups and downs, says the nutritionist. And he adds that there are also those who live this process as synonymous with suffering “Because they made them believe that the diet, yes or no, has to be strict, which added to the fact that they don’t like to train.”

“Results come from the sum of information and motivation,” says Cestaro. This combination is what makes the person enjoy the process and not just do it to achieve a goal. It’s important enjoy the trial. “

At the same time, there are people who are programmed to achieve goals without being satisfied with their current situation, and others who seek to achieve them while being satisfied with their present, says the specialist. “It’s a very fine thread, that’s why perception is essential when you’re happy and at the same time you want to improve more every day“.

Choosing a healthier diet means giving up excessive consumption of unhealthy products.  Shutterstock illustrative image.

Choosing a healthier diet means giving up excessive consumption of unhealthy products. Shutterstock illustrative image.

Tips to increase motivation

Basketro highlights the following tips to increase motivation to help incorporate a long-term healthy lifestyle:

1) Start the day with him nutrient supply and a few minutes dedicated to you. It is important to take this step as it will align you with the highest energy vibration.

2) The day before don’t eat too hard. At least eat two hours before bed so you can wake up 100%. If you wake up feeling good, it will be easier to focus on being better.

3) You must know that it is a circle in which each action acts Domino effectIf you decide to start well, it will be easier for you to feel better in all situations of the day.

4) Try to pay attention to the thoughts you have in mind and, whenever there are thoughts that you don’t want to have or that don’t make you feel better, try to change them for positive thoughts.

5) Enjoy every action and situation of the day. Try not to take everything so seriously and venture into the inner game of your emotions. Get to know yourself by observing how you feel in each situation.

“It is important to understand what not to make a strict change, the key is to do it changes progressively so that there are no obstacles and we also understand that if for some reason we move away from the goal, we can always start from the beginning, “says Cestaro.

And he concludes: “You have to break the structure of thinking that periods to eat everything, periods to be active, to prepare for summer. We need to understand that this is a much bigger change that must cover the whole year, incorporating habits that we will avoid excessive consumption, physical demands and emotional discomfort.