19 Brooklyn heated outdoor dining restaurants

Maria’s Bistro Mexicano on Fifth Avenue in Sunset Park

Kindness of Maria’s Bistro Mexicano

While indoor restaurants are waiting in New York, due to the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the city, restaurants in the five neighborhoods, including Brooklyn, are now relying on a combination of outdoor dining, delivery and food.

As the weather gets significantly colder, restaurateurs are working creatively to keep their outdoor spaces warm so that diners feel comfortable – even in cold conditions. There are individual tablecloths, partially closed structures with heaters and blankets and more innovative movements as the restaurants adapt to the winter months.

Here, Eater has assembled 19 units with a variety of heated outdoor dining sets, with the type of chairs noted in each writing. Eater will continue to update this list semi-regularly in the winter months, as long as outdoor dining is allowed.

New York restaurants are currently limited to al fresco dining, along with dining and delivery dishes. The type of service offered is indicated on each point of the map. However, this should not be taken as an approval for meals, as there are still safety issues: for up-to-date information on coronavirus cases in your area, please visit the NYC Department of Health website. Studies show that there is a lower risk of exposure when outdoors, but the level of risk involved in dining on the terrace is conditioned by restaurants, following strict social distance and other safety guidelines.

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Note: The restaurants on this map are listed geographically.