Two Vatican cardinals close to Pope Francis have tested positive for Covid-19

Two cardinals working closely with Pope Francis have contracted Covid-19. Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, 57, the pope’s counterpart and his main contact with the poor and needy in Rome and elsewhere, and Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello, 78, chairman of the Pontifical Commission for the Vatican City State and president of the State Governorate The Vatican has both tested positive for coronavirus.

Adnkronos, an Italian news agency that first reported on Cardinal Krajewski, reported positive results in the Vatican’s Health and Hygiene Unit, has symptoms of pneumonia and has been transferred to Gemelli Hospital, where he is now. The Vatican has confirmed the story. Both cardinals were absent from Pope Francis’ audience with the Roman Curia this morning, a Vatican official who was present said America.

The Vatican health authority is in contact with Vatican employees and others with whom the two cardinals have been in contact in recent days. They both work very closely with Pope Francis, and Cardinal Krajewski was seen speaking at length last Friday, according to Il Messagero, a Rome daily. The newspaper first reported that Cardinal Bertello gave positive results to Covid. America he received independent confirmation of this from a Vatican source.

Dr. Andrea Arcangeli, head of the Vatican’s office for hygiene and health, announced last week that the Vatican intends to vaccinate its city-state employees and citizens, as well as the families of lay employees. America understands that this will be in mid-January.

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle was the first head of a Vatican office to give positive results for Covid, he tested positive upon his arrival in Manila, as America reported at the time. Other Vatican employees, both clergy and laity, and 14 Swiss guards also gave positive results, but all are now healed.