“There is no sign of bad relations”: AMLO assured Biden will support his immigration policy

Photo: Presidency of Mexico.
Photo: Presidency of Mexico.

Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, gave details in his press conference this Monday about the phone conversation he had with President-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, last Saturday.

“It was a very fraternal, respectful conversation, We are essentially talking about migration issues, the migration issue that will be addressed is clearly the Central American countries and Mexico should be supported, especially to states in the south-southeast of the country, so that there is development, to pay attention to the migration phenomenon by providing options, employment and welfare, so that people are not forced to leave their cities, so that they do not leave their families in the let go.

He knows that people leave their places of origin out of necessity, not pleasure, so they have to go to the causes and promote the development of the south and that is what we have proposed and are doing. We agree that this policy will be strengthened “, designated the President of Mexico.

AMLO LLAMADA A BIDEON 19-12-2020 (Image: Twitter / @ m_ebrard)
AMLO LLAMADA A BIDEON 19-12-2020 (Image: Twitter / @ m_ebrard)

López Obrador and Biden took the floor last Saturday spoke for half an hour by telephone, mainly discussing future migration cooperation between the two countries.

The Mexican assured this Monday that during the conversation, which was “fraternal” and “respectful,” they spoke of the Central American development plan that Mexico has been promoting since 2018 to create jobs in the region and stop forced migration.

He pointed out that both leaders are clear that, “People leave their place of origin out of necessity and not pleasure,” so they agreed to “pay attention to the causes.

“It was very friendly, interesting for both countries. We care deeply about the situation of our migrant compatriots. I think the relationship will be very good in that sense. We have no problem, we will continue to work as we do with the current US administration, we have had very good relations, we have had practically no conflicts; Just that issue of tariffs, but it was resolved on good terms and we’ve had a great relationship with the current president, President Donald Trump, and it’s the same thing we’re waiting for, and there will be no conflict with Mr. Biden, and that will also happen. to be the same, we will not have any problem ”. López Obrador said.

Photos: Presidency of Mexico - Reuters.
Photos: Presidency of Mexico – Reuters.

The president said Monday that the new Mexican ambassador to Washington, Esteban Moctezuma, Mexican secretary of state, Marcelo Ebrard, and future United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, will be the ones who will create “the guidelines for foreign policy.”

“There is nothing to fear, relations with the United States are very good, with the current United States administration, and there is nothing to indicate, there is no sign of bad relations with the government that will lead President Biden.We are very clear about how much we strive for friendly relations with the US government because the neighborhood unites us, ”said López Obrador, who waited more than 40 days to congratulate the Democrat on his election victory.

The President of Mexico, who prides himself on having had a ‘good relationship’With Donald Trump, he sent a letter to Biden last week congratulating him on his victory after being ratified as president-elect by the United States Electoral College.

Joseph Biden and AMLO (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Joseph Biden and AMLO (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Mexico tightened its immigration policy in 2019 due to threats of Donald Trump to impose tariffs on all Mexican exports if the flow of migrant caravans is not reduced.

When asked if he had discussed the issue of the border wall with Biden, López Obrador said they had not discussed the issue, that “it is an issue that has not been discussed,” even with Trump.

“It is an issue that we have not discussed, I am very grateful to President Trump who did not push the issue, never raised it with me, the issue was not discussed, he was respectful, and not only in that, but also in other matters.there was no interference in internal affairs and when a situation arose, in the public domain, related to the arrest of General CienfuegosWe were not informed, although there is a good relationship, a diplomatic note has been sent and they have decided to restore the process, ”concluded President López Obrador.


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