The US COVID-19 aid bill includes $ 7 billion for broadband internet access

Congress’s long-awaited COVID-19 aid bill could be good news for those who need to learn and work remotely during the pandemic. Axios learned that the package in the new agreement allocates $ 7 billion for broadband access. Approximately $ 3.2 billion of this would go to an Emergency Broadband Benefit (determined by Sen. Ron Wyden’s legislation), which would provide low-income families with $ 50 a month for vital Internet access for work at home. class and for capable remote jobs.

The rest of the bill is mixed, according to a Capitol Hill assistant. Allocate $ 1 billion to broadband tribal initiatives. About $ 300 million would go to rural broadband, $ 285 million would support a broadband pilot for communities near historic black colleges, $ 250 million would go to the FCC’s telehealth boost, and $ 65 million dollars would help in broadband mapping. In particular, $ 1.9 billion is scheduled to replace Huawei and ZTE equipment – it’s not just about improving access.