The last “Danger!” Alex Trebek’s Episodes: That’s when they air

Danger! fans will have a little more time to prepare for the end of an era. As previously reported, the last five episodes of the legendary late host Alex Trebek – originally scheduled for Monday, December 21 – will now begin on Monday, January 4, with its last episode aired on Friday, January 8.

Ahead of this fateful week, the game show will air two weeks of re-releases celebrating Trebek’s adventurous spirit (the first of which will air on December 21).

Trebek, who died on November 8 after a nearly two-year battle with pancreatic cancer, shot his final Danger! episode in late October. At the time, “I didn’t know it would be his last [episode]He previously told CNN for showrunner Mike Richards. “He was suffering and we knew that. He [recently] he had surgery and I couldn’t believe he had already returned from surgery. “

Richards also revealed that at the top of the first of Trebek’s last five episodes, the host gave a heartfelt speech to viewers “talking about union, how important family is … It will resonate even more now. It was so beautiful that we were all excited; we were all in tears. And then we started clapping and [the noise] he almost distracted him because he was walking: “OK, now let’s play Danger!’ It was one of those days when he was at the top of his game, even though he was clearly very ill. “

At the end of November, Danger! announced that GOAT competitor Ken Jennings will be the first in a series of interim hosts to follow Trebek. Jennings is set to debut on Monday, January 11th. A permanent host will be announced at a later date.