The House of Representatives approves the new economic aid plan with a second stimulus check, it is now going to the Senate | Univision News US Elections 2020

Families with mixed immigration status were able to receive not only the second check for $ 600 from the coronavirus stimulus package to be voted on in Congress today, but also the one that was handed out in March of $ 1,200 that they were left out of, according to a statement from the office of the Democratic leader of the Senate, Charles Schumer.

Claudia Uceda, Univision Noticias ‘correspondent on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, indicates that Schumer explained in a letter to her caucus that during the negotiations on the package that culminated on Sunday, the Democrats’ made a provision retroactive to the CARES- had enacted the law for those direct payments ”.

While you wait for the final text of the legislation, the “retroactive” you talk about in your letter from Schumer may mean that some of those families left out of the first round of incentive checks will also receive the first, just in case. that they comply with the parameters under which that aid was provided.

In the previous legislation, couples or families who included in their tax return people with a tax identification number (ITIN) and no social security number were excluded from the benefit. The government assumes that ITINs belong to people without legal residence permits in the country.