The bills take over number 2 of the AFC after the loss of MNF of the Steelers in Bengals

If Cincinnati Bengals defender Ryan Finley has a foundation, the Bills Mafia will likely start making donations tonight.

Bengals defender outscored veteran Ben Roethlisberger on Monday night to help Cincinnati make a 27-17 upset against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Cincinnati simply played proudly in prime time, but their victory has major implications in the playoffs. Their win helped Buffalo Bills beat the Steelers for AFC No. 2.

Why does that matter? Simply put, if Bills can do business in the first round of the playoffs, it guarantees that Buffalo will host a second playoff game at Bills Stadium. If he also makes sure Bills won’t see the Kansas City Chiefs, the AFC Super Bowl favorite and No. 1, until the championship game.

Bills, of course, will have to take care of business in the last two weeks with games against the Patriots on the road and at home against the Dolphins.

Cincinnati seems to have the talent to find ways to help the bills. In 2017, the Bengals helped Buffalo end the playoff drought by defeating the Baltimore Ravens in Week 17. Andy Dalton gave Tyler Boyd a 49-yard touchdown pass in Game 4 and 12. at the end of the fourth quarter to take Baltimore out of the playoffs that year. Buffalo fans responded by raising more than $ 400,000 at Dalton’s foundation.


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