Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra reaches FCC, S-Pen support confirmed

samsung galaxy note 20 review s note pen

Credit: Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

  • Galaxy S21 Ultra has landed in the FCC database.
  • Samsung’s filing also confirms S-Pen support for the new phone.

Samsung confirmed earlier this month that it will bring “the most beloved features” of the Galaxy Note to other Galaxy phones, while several websites and leakers directly claimed that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will provide S-Pen support.

Now, the apparent Galaxy S21 Ultra (SMG998B model number) has passed the FCC and we found that the deposit really confirms the S-Pen support. In fact, the list shows that the new smartphone will also support Hover functionality. This allows users to hold the S-Pen above the screen (without touching the display) for various functions, such as previewing the content or displaying an indicator. See the screenshot below.

Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen FCC

“EUT [device being tested – ed] can also be used with a pen device (S-Pen). EUT works with S-Pen in two different inductive coupling modes for detecting S-Pen motion (Hover and Click) … ”reads an excerpt from one of the test reports.

However, don’t expect the S-Pen to come with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it comes with the phone as part of some promotions. You may need a special case to hold the stylus, as the phone is not expected to have the necessary slot.

Otherwise, the FCC filing also confirms a few other expected wireless features, such as UWB functionality, NFC, wireless power transfer (i.e., reverse charge), wireless charging, and Wi-Fi 6E.

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