Russia is to make the film into space – as long as the actors get private funds to enter orbit – RT Russia and the former Soviet Union

The International Space Station could become the world’s first film studio if Russia’s deputy prime minister launches.

Yuri Borisov told reporters on Monday that the first film shot in the cosmos, previously announced last month under the title “Challenge”, will continue, provided he can secure private funding. “I guarantee that while I am in this position, I will not lose the chance to allow a feature film to move forward,” said Borisov, adding that “If they find sponsors who pay to keep the actors in orbit and it doesn’t interfere with the ISS ‘main science program – for God’s sake, let them shoot!”

In a new breakthrough for the silver screen, the Russian space agency Roscomos presented plans for a film on a flight to the orbital station. Its producers say they will look for a leading woman who can not only act, but face the psychological and physical challenges of training to become an astronaut.

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In a call for applicants, producer Alexey Trotsyuk of the Yellow, Black and White Film Studio said this. “In the shortest possible time, we need to find more than one actress – we need a real superhero. We are looking for a woman who can play her role on Earth and then endure the most difficult training, to fly in space and there, in a state of weightlessness, to cope with challenging filming tasks. “

The project is the latest frontier in an international space race, with the American agency NASA, together with SpaceX founder Elon Musk, working to be the first to cut the ribbon on a film made in orbit. We will have to wait and see who will be the first to start filming among the stars.

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