Limited places for candidates for a career in human medicine in Fresnillo

ZACATECAS.- Around 600 young people are looking to enter the extension Fresnillo since Academic unit of human medicine from the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ) however, there are only 75 seats.

Although this site started with groups of Now 90 students, in the past it was decided to reduce schooling.

Juan Carlos Alcalá Gallegos, the coordinator of the enlargement, said that on December 15 next the entrance exam will take place. While young people have already undergone a psychometric assessment.

Increasing demand

I insured that demand is growing more and more of students looking for a space in this academic model that begins in January.

He mentioned that the seats assigned correspond to the capacity of the institution and the project to build more classrooms has just begun.

Alcalá Gallegos said it is planned that. a second plant is started in the area where the operating rooms are located, which will have an investment of 3 million pesos.

Said semester online which is carried out before the health contingency by COVID-19 It offers the possibility for the work to progress faster.

No internship possibility

As for the pandemic, he regretted that the students they do not have the opportunity to do internships in the laboratory or participate in hospital activities. This as a complement to their academic training.

I say that several options were evaluated so that young people can access activities in hospitals. However, due to coronavirus conditions, it has been established that the risk persists for them and for healthy patients, as they may be carriers of the disease.

In view of this, it has been determined organizes other programs for children to advance through practice and even learn about pandemic management.