Jacky Bracamontes and his reaction to seeing his girls’ graffiti

Jacky Bracamontes it was the surprise of her life to see one of her daughters’ biggest tricks, and the most curious thing is that her husband, Martin Fuentes he would have been a perfect accomplice of the girls. On his social networks, the motorcyclist shared a video showing his wife’s reaction to seeing one of the exterior walls of their house with lines and drawings that the girls made with spray paint of all colors. The authors of the work were nothing more and nothing less than their eldest daughters: “Mini Jacky”, Carolina and Renata.

Jacky Bracamontes and his family© @jackybrv
Jacky and Martín have a nice family with the five little ones

To show Jacky the girls’ artwork, her husband and daughters covered their eyes with a mask. With their help, he went out into the yard and then returned to one of the walls of the house. When he took off his mask, surprise! The actress saw her daughters’ lines on one of the exterior walls of her house and was shocked. The presenter put her hands to her face and only managed to say: “Why did they do this? What is this garbage?”, While her husband and girls, especially the older ones, laughed uncontrollably.

With all the innocence in the world, little Renata said to her mother: “I did my handwriting!”, She said while pointing an “R” on the wall in black ink. “I’ve already seen your lyrics, it was great,” said Jacky, who still couldn’t believe his girls did it, with Martin’s complicity. The race driver shared the video with the following message, suggesting that his family had real creative minds. “Surpriiiiise! #mural #art #abstractart #graffiti There is definitely talent in this family … #mural #miamidesigndistrict #muralfuentes #artistas #homeart #expressyourself #comodicemadonna @jackybrv @ ginnytc08 ”.