Doxxed Ledger users are at risk of physical injury

While users affected by the Ledger data repository are threatening to sue, some wallet owners may risk being visited by criminals. According to a Redditor called “u / relephants”, some users have started receiving threatening emails asking for a payment of $ 500 or risking being attacked in their homes.

This development opens another risk factor for Ledger users whose private information has been disclosed by the hacker. In addition to home invasions, affected Ledger owners must also deal with phishing and SIM card swapping operations, among others.

Real Bitcoin-related robberies (BTC) are not uncommon, especially when it is known that the victim is the owner of the popular cryptocurrency. In September 2019, a Norwegian millionaire allegedly had to jump from the balcony on the second floor to get rid of armed robbers.

The Ledger data warehouse also offers with great ease the dangers of centralized storage of customer data. Meanwhile, U.S. authorities are pushing for stricter knowledge of your client for non-custodial wallet owners.