Do you lose weight without doing anything? Protein that mimics exercise

The end of the year and Christmas bring a common denominator: some extra pounds that we will catch in the coming weeks (on average between three and five) and that we will want to eliminate quickly. 39% of Spaniards say that at Christmas they do not take into account the healthy factor of the products they buy and that, of course, they take strength from the body. According to an Aecoc Shopperview study on shopping habits, 27% of consumers take a diet after the holidays Christmas and 31% return to the gym. We clearly want to be in shape, but what if you could get a lot of the benefits of exercise without moving a muscle?

A kind of natural proteins call sisters could mimics metabolic effects of a good education, according to a new study published in the journal Nature. Of course, so far the results have only been observed in mice and flies of the fruit.

Instant exercise “pill” for people is still far from reaching the population, So you shouldn’t leave the gym yet, but new discoveries could be the first step toward research that could help people with physical disabilities or injured to stay in shape. And yes, and for the rest of the population.

Natural proteins called Sestrins can mimic the metabolic effects of a good workout, according to a new one

During University of Michigan experiments Suppression of Sestrins in the cited study subjects was found to have a negative impact on the effectiveness of their exercise; but by increasing levels got some of the benefits of exercise without doing so. “Up-regulation of Sestrin mimics the molecular and physiological effects of exercise, suggesting that it could be an important effect of exercise metabolism,” the report notes.

Flies and mice experiment

Team started with Drosophila flies, creating a makeshift treadmill for insects in the lab. They compared the running and flight of insects (raised to not be able to produce Sestrin) and also observed a normal group of flies. The latter group experienced improved endurance and flight ability after three weeks of training, but these improvements were not observed in those who did not produce Sestrin. Also in flies with overexpression of Sestrin The researchers found that their abilities were beyond the control group, even when they were not exercising.

The effects also seem to outweigh the resistance: experiment performed on mice showed that animals without Sestrin did not receive the same increase in aerobic capacity, respiration and fat burning generally associated with exercise.

Currently, the results have been obtained only in mice and flies, but it is the first step to investigate in this area.

Another study published in the same journal, conducted with mice, reports overexpression with Sestrin combats muscle atrophyso that Sestrin treatments could be used, for example, to protect broken limbs that have been immobilized.

Researchers note that these findings as well could be useful for the care of the elderly, allowing older people who are not as mobile as before to get the same benefits as going to the gym twice a week.

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E. Zamorano

Of course, tthere is no evidence yet that none of these effects can be replicated in humansAlthough it has been established that our muscles produce more Sestrin during exercise, it is enough here to justify future research.

It is also encouraging that the same effects were observed in both flies and mice during the study, which makes the muscles of other animals, possibly humans, more likely to function in the same way. If yes, more research will be needed to know for sure.