Commercial rumors about James Harden: the heat “no longer involves” rocket talks | Bleacher report

James Harden (13), Houston Rockets goalkeeper, shoots next to Goran Dragic (7) during the first quarter of a pre-season NBA basketball game on Friday, October 18, 2019, in Miami.  (Photo by AP / Joe Skipper)

Joe Skipper / Associated Press

The Miami Heat left the James Harden squad.

Conformable Ira Winderman from South Florida Sun Sentinel, the heat “No more interesting rockets when it comes to Harden. He was told that the conversation was never more than superficial, but that, of course, is always a matter of perspective. Heat clarified on the eve of the 2018-19 season that they came out of Jimmy Butler’s discussions for that season. “

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald provided more context on Miami’s position on Harden’s trade talks:

Although it’s hard to imagine that Heat will be separated from Bam Adebayo in a Harden transaction, he could still build an incredibly attractive business centered on Tyler Herro. Other commercial chips include Duncan Robinson, Kendrick Nunn, lots of upcoming first round picks and players like Andre Iguodala and Kelly Olynyk (to make the money work).

More than likely, the Heat and Rockets should involve a third team or wait until later in the season, when other players whose contracts have been renewed this off-season would be eligible to be traded.

There are questions as to whether Harden would be the best fit, both on the field and in the locker room. Would Jimmy Butler be willing to postpone part of his ball role by facilitating a player like Harden, who has become accustomed to playing in an Houston iso system?

ESPN Tim MacMahon reported last week that one of Chris Paul’s biggest problems while playing with Harden was that The Beard “practically chose not to participate in the Rockets offense when the ball wasn’t in his hands, sometimes barely over halfway. of the field while waiting when Paul had the ball. “

And would Harden interfere in Miami’s nonsense and hardworking culture? MacMahon reported that Harden had a lot of power in Houston:

“Unless they were in front of a back-to-back set, it was essentially a sure thing that the Rockets stayed overnight – or even an extra day – after the Los Angeles, Phoenix games. and other road towns that rank among Harden’s favorite stops.

“If the Rockets had two or three days between games, it was a good bet that Harden would ask for a day off and rent a private jet to spend in Las Vegas or another city. He always gets an excused absence from the first practice after the All-Star Break for the same reason. “

Would he be granted the same privileges in Pat Riley’s Heat?

Superstars like Harden don’t grow on trees. But the Heat have a pretty good thing with Butler, Adebayo, Herro and a Heat team that reached the NBA Finals last season. It’s not hard to see why Miami blows up the young man to blow up the young core for a player who could be a person who doesn’t fit the culture.