Brian Flores: Tell the playoffs against the Raiders this week

Kansas City Chiefs v Miami Dolphins

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The Dolphins have guaranteed a winning season by beating the Patriots on Sunday, but they still have work to do before securing a post-season spot.

Baltimore went 9-5 with a victory over the Jaguars, leaving them right in the Dolphins’ queue for seventh and final place in the AFC playoffs. The Dolphins have the advantage of the tiebreaker, but they can guarantee themselves a place in the playoff by winning both remaining games.

While this remains in the air, head coach Brian Flores said he is fine with people talking about the Miami playoffs because his mentality is that they will play a playoff game in Las Vegas on Saturday.

“I don’t have a problem with people talking about what they’re going to talk about,” Flores told WPLG. “Our playoffs are against the Raiders this week. This is mine, let’s call it the playoffs this week against the Raiders, so to speak. It’s one game at a time. That’s what I’m focusing on. There we try to direct their attention. . . It’s a game season. Let’s call it a one-game playoff season. “

If the Dolphins and Ravens both win this weekend, the stakes will remain the same for the Dolphins in Week 17 against the Bills, so it could be an extended play-off round for Flores’ team before the actual playoffs begin.