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The pandemic has changed Latin music forever and leaves a large account on hold

Miami, December 21 (EFE News) .- Artists, producers and directors are convinced that 2020 has accelerated the changes that were taking place in Latin music and not only consolidated them, but also predicted that it made them permanent and will be clearly seen in 2021. This was confirmed for Efe by Lex Borrero, chief executive of the multimedia production company Neon, artists such as Camilo, Prince Royce, Kany García, Ricky Martin and Pablo Alborán and producers such as Ovy on The Drums, among others. . “This year, we artists had to rethink our relationship with the public. By not being able to connect on stage, networks became the only way I could communicate, “said Royce.” This was the year I had to be ashamed of dancing and overcome the feeling of fooling myself. ” acknowledged Camilo, who with 19.1 million followers is the most popular Latin artist on the TikTok platform. “TikTok has become one of the main tools for promoting music,” said Royce, who surprised his fans by showing his side. unknown and more amusing during the covid-19 pandemic. Latin artists have finally begun to understand “that people today connect to the stories of their idols. Music alone is not enough,” Borrero said. “Many of Anglo’s music have already understood it. He was the mainstay of Beyonce and Jennifer López’s careers, for example, “said the executive, who before launching Neon with Tainy was part of the leadership of Jay Z’s Roc Nation, Jay Z. For example, he puts Bad Bunny. his first album of the year, “YHLQMDLG”, he suggested he would retire, his third album, “The Last World Tour”, seemed to confirm it, until the artist denied it. the release of “HAWÁI” and an alleged love triangle between his ex-girlfriend, model and DJ Natalia Barulich, and footballer Neymar. NOT EVERYTHING CAN BE REGUETÓN Records like “Vertigo” (Pablo Alborán), “Cumbiana” (Carlos Vives), “Las locuras” mías “(Silvestre Dangond),” Pausa “(Ricky Martin) and” Mesa para dos “(Kany García), among others, were described by their creators as the most” authentic “of their careers. Martin and García, nominated for the award Grammy 2021 in the category of best Latin pop / urban album, they agreed that these productions are the answer l to the anxiety of the first days of the pandemic. “I would have gone crazy if I hadn’t made ‘Table for Two.’ Working with other artists and Julio (Reyes Copello, the producer) kept me healthy, ”said García about his duet album. Martin postponed the album he had planned for 2020 and dedicated himself to making the “Break”. “It’s an album I didn’t make thinking about the market, but what I had to express,” said the Puerto Rican star. Alboran was another one who decided to give up the limits of previous productions. “‘Vertigo’ is the most experimental album I’ve ever done. I incorporated vintage sounds. I also worked on my voice in a different way “, said the Spanish singer-songwriter. To make “Cumbiana”, Vives went to an industrial sound library in the 70’s. Dangond wanted to take over the instruments he played before and save the sounds digitally. Meanwhile, Rozalén went to pop and disco in the ’70s for a few arrangements. “This way of making music that many of us have discovered in forty years has been transformative, at least for me. Talking to my colleagues, I realized that we will not create the previous filters with haste again “, assured Alboran, who revealed this year that he is gay. For Royce and Camilo, the popularity of nostalgia is also expressed by returning to traditional rhythms. Both have achieved great success with bachatas and predict that more and more Latin genres will return to the music charts. “Back to Back”, the salsa that Marc Anthony and Daddy Yankee launched last week, is an example. “They reinvented a genre that is loved by everyone and accompanied it with a great video. It is what comes, more, better and more diverse. Not everything has to be reggaeton, “Royce said. Artists agree that stories are important even for lyrics.” The songs that really stick together are the ones that manage to take fans to a moment in their lives that they can identify with. “said Ovy on The Drums, the creator of Karol G’s last three albums. A GREAT PENDING ACCOUNT 2020 has also seen an explosion of small independent labels. Many of the most successful artists of the year have no contracts with Bad Bunny is with Rimas Music, Sech is with Rich Music, Ozuna has Aura Music, Wisin has released La Base and the great revelation of Mexican regional music Natanael Cano is working with Rancho Humilde. but more and more artists understand that the contracts in which record companies keep most of the money do not suit them, “said Borrero. The suspension of the concerts due to the pandemic has hit artists and property and employees of companies related to tournaments, theaters and large arenas. So far, 87% of artists’ income came from tournaments. In 2020, some of these gains came from brand sponsorships and digital presentations, but respondents agreed that the big winners of the pandemic audio and video streaming boom were distribution platforms. This is the unfinished business: a more equitable way to financially enjoy the millions of listens and views of songs and music videos. (c) EFE Agency